Monday, April 1, 2013

Barre 101

Shown with .:Azzy Design:. Solar Flare Barre Skin
              It’s been far too long since I’ve last blogged. I’ll be honest, I haven’t had a lot to blog about, and I haven’t been feeling to particularly good. But, I have been hosting Barre HUD classes and I can see that there are a lot of dancers feeling a bit overwhelmed when they first look at the HUD. I mean, who wouldn’t? There’s lots of buttons, and not knowing which one does what is kind of daunting if you ask me.  I’m going to try and not get too techy with you all. I’m going to break it down into two maybe three blogs as well so I don’t overwhelm you with too much information at one time cause, lets face it, if you learn too much too fast you’re probably not going to remember even half of what I said. That will lead to nothing but frustration and anger…. and neither are a good place to be.

            So, you’ve got your shiny new HUD out on the ground and you’re wondering just where to start…let me tell you, there is no difference from this HUD to the next loading it. I will say however, there is a simpler way to load your animations to it than dragging them over one at a time.  In your box of goodies with the Barre HUD folder, there will be an object called !RR 1.1 Transfer Script Boxed. You’ll want to open that and remember where it is, store it somewhere in your inventory that you can find it easily. You can either have all your animations inside an object or even an old HUD will work just as well. Drop the send animations script into that object or said HUD with the animations in it, then drop the receive script into your empty new HUD. You’ll have a pop up menu that will appear on the lower right hand of your screen. Click either Copy Dances or Copy Quiet D. Either one will work. Copy dances will list all your dances as they transfer over while the quiet will not. You and only you can see the dance list in local chat so you don’t have to worry about spamming anyone. Once it’s done, click clean up and it will remove both scripts from the HUD and the object.  As a special note: If you’re going from a Huddles to a Barre, do not copy your note cards over since the format is a bit different and they will not work properly in the Barre. (I’ll cover the note cards in my next blog).

            YAY! So now you have animations in your HUD! Go ahead and pick it up and put that pretty shiny new HUD on. There will be a pop up that asks if it’s positioned correctly on your screen, which you can click yes, and still adjust it to your liking after the fact. Also, there is a pop-out panel that now exists that wasn’t there on the Barre 3.02. To move that menu up, close or down, click on the double arrow button on the very top left corner. Click it once will move it inside the HUD, click it again and it will appear down at the bottom (like the image above). 

            So many buttons…yes, I know, but you don’t have to know what each one does just yet, I’ll cover the important ones, to get you started.  The Me button should be highlighted most if not all times. That’s you…if its not highlighted you will not dance. The double bar button next to it is pause; the square is stop or stop all. This will be used to release any dancers from your HUD that you’ve invited. You can also stop yourself, which will “turn off” the ME button. You’ll have to re-click the ME button to “invite” yourself back onto your HUD. The left, right and the % bar above it will allow you to flip through your pages quickly. Using the left and right will flip forward or backwards one page at a time. While the % bar will allow you to flip to a particular dance quickly. All the animations are listed in alphabetical order.  The double people button is your invite button. This will allow you to individually invite avatars to your HUD or you can click invite all if you happen to be dancing a whole crowd.  Do note however, that this will not assign them to a group. Everyone will be in the same group with a standard invite. I’ll cover that too in the next blog promise. The double arrow button is your re-sync button. This will allow you to re-sync yourself or other dancers so you are all dancing in time** (camming and other factors will affect how in sync you are. So, if you’re dancing a group, keep this in mind.)

            The next three buttons are probably the most used buttons on your HUD. The list button (bottom left hand side looks like a list) will list off ALL animations you have in your HUD. You won’t have to make a note card with each animation you own, instead you can click this button and it will allow you to see exactly what you have in your HUD. The next two buttons I’m going to cover a bit out of order. They will be more in the order that you would use them than the order they are on the HUD. The load button (disk button) is where you can load multiple note cards on your HUD for quick dancing. The Barre comes standard with four empty slots, you can add more with the toolbox but again that’s something I will get to later. Click on the load button, and then it will ask you to pick a slot, chose one. The HUD will flip to a new page with all your note cards you have in the HUD. Click on the one you want, then it will tell you that it’s loading the note card.  So, now you want to access that lovely new note card you loaded, click on the Oreo button in the middle. The Oreo button will show you all the loaded note cards you have in your HUD. Now, when I say loaded, I mean the ones that you’ve physically put into the empty slots. 

                          Load>pick slot > pick note card  > click Oreo

            I think I’ve covered quiet a bit of stuff, more than enough to at least get you started on your way to using your Barre. Your homework….load your HUD with animations, and play with the buttons lol…and remember HAVE FUN!

           Questions or anything at all please please don’t be afraid to hit me up I’m more than happy to help you. We do offer classes on Sundays and Wed at Noon. Though, I would be willing to do some one on one session or even some later ones for a group.  



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