Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Dread of Not Knowing...

                  Builder’s block is the worst, it’s worse than writer’s in my honest opinion. Typically, with writer’s block it’s a matter of thinking of the right word, or even coming up with the next chapter. With builder’s block, you have no CLUE where to find inspiration. If you see me just sitting around the sim listening to music trying to find that one oh my god moment then you know I’m at that point myself. It’s rare I build a set without a song in mind already or have a vague idea of what song I want to do. It happens to everyone, so don’t panic! That by far is the worst thing you can do. So, I’m going offer a way to get past that moment of frustration.

            Do listen to music, stuff you listen to on a daily basis, see if something clicks, if not youtube is your best friend. Type in your favorite band and see the recommended list to the right and see if there’s something else out there that might help make it click. Do, however note, if your troupe keeps a list of used songs, make sure that song isn’t already done. If it is, again DON’T PANIC…keep looking. Music is meant to be an inspiration. And sometimes even going to the good ole classics (and no I don’t mean classical rock…I mean actual classical music) will help relax your mind enough to think. You don’t have to dance to it, but use it as a relaxation tool. Trust me it helps.

            If that doesn’t help you too much, next step I usually take is watching movies, take ideas down, but remember you don’t want to replicate the movie, just take some ideas from it. Movies and music videos are great places to get ideas for sets, but just slapping the whole scene down on a set and calling it good doesn’t work. It’s a theft of the original person’s concept and just pure laziness. We don’t want to go down that road…ever.

            Still stuck? Don’t worry; I’ve had plenty of days like this. That’s the point I turn to my partner or my friends and ask for ideas. Trust me, your friends have plenty of inspiration to offer. Asking for an idea doesn’t make you bad people so don’t be afraid. You might get overloaded with ideas so make sure to limit yourself with youtube links and ideas. DO take notes write down the ideas on a note card or something so you can look back at it later on when you get stuck again.

            It’s very rare if nothing clicks, after this point, sim surf, image surf or just step away for a while tends to help. Staring at a blank stage for hours is overwhelming and frustrating at the same time. Get out, walk, go to the store, heck play a game just something to clear your head for awhile then when you feel ready to try again you can go back to your stage building area and hopefully have an idea of what you want to do. Building should be fun, and honestly it’s not when you don’t know what to build. It will feel like a chore at that point, so before you get to that frustration level try some of these techniques to see if maybe it helps. I’ve done it plenty of times and it’s amazing the ideas that start to flow, just don’t overwhelm yourself …*giggles*

That’s all for now, I’ll chat at you again soon…


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